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"Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts."        — Sherlock Holmes, A Scandal in Bohemia

About Econ P.I:

Unable to find a simple representation of the economy that accurately captures its general condition, I've designed the BaR Analysis Grid©, which provides unique insights into the economy and how it progresses during a business cycle. In a career that has included consulting, management, and education, I've developed a knack for simplifying complex concepts so that they can be readily understood.

The BaR 
allows anyone, regardless of academic or technical knowledge, to quickly grasp the current state of the economy and the sentiment of key economic stakeholders. 

Econ P.I. is becoming a favorite of investors, financial advisers, businesses, teachers, and students, but really anyone can benefit from following the weekly updates of the BaR and the MoC Percent from Baseline. Here is a comment that captures how visitors to feel about the BaR:

"First, thanks for your work on Econ.P.I. In 20 years as an advisor, 99% of the information we are shown on the markets and the world of finance is noise. Your analysis work is one of the resources I continually view to help me synthesize what’s really happening economically."

And, by the way, Econ P.I. is the website. The name is intended to convey that facts are presented here, not opinion. Several well-meaning people have referred to me as an economics P.I., whatever that may be. Please note that Econ P.I. refers only to this website, not me. 

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